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Criterion 7 – Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1 Institutional Values and Social Responsibilities
Specific facilities provided for women in terms of: a.Safety and security b. Counselling c. Common Rooms d. Day care center for young children e. Any other relevant information--File
Annual gender sensitization action plan--File
Geotagged Photographs--File
Any other relevant information--File
Relevant documents like agreements/MoUs with Government and other approved agencies--File
Geotagged photographs of the facilities--File
Geotagged photographs / videos of the facilities--File
Any other relevant information--File
Various policy documents / decisions circulated for implementation--File
Geotagged photos / videos of the facilities--File
Any other relevant documents--File
Reports on environment and energy audits submitted by the auditing agency--File
Certification by the auditing agency--File
Certificates of the awards received--File
Policy documents and information brochures on the support to be provided--File
Geotagged photographs / videos of the facilities--File
Supporting documents on the information provided (as reflected in the administrative and academic activities of the Institution)--File
Any other relevant information--File
Details of the monitoring committee composition and minutes of the committee meeting, number of programmes organized, reports on the various programs etc., in support of the claims--File
Code of ethics policy document--File
Any other relevant information--File
Geotagged photographs of some of the events--File
Annual report of the celebrations and commemorative events for the last five years--File
7.2 Best Practices
Best practices in the Institutional web site--File
7.3 Institutional Distinctiveness
Any other relevant information--File
Appropriate web in the Institutional website--File