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Electoral Literacy Clubs
What are Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELCs)

Electoral Literacy Clubs (ELCs) are an innovative initiative to promote electoral literacy
amongst the youth of the country. These clubs aim to educate students on various aspects of
the electoral process and encourage them to participate actively in it.

Nodal Officers
Dr. Sidhanshu Rai, Assistant Professor, School of Business Management
Dr. Vivek Singh Sachan, Assistant Professor, School of Business Management

a) New Voter Registration: ELCs encourage students to register themselves as voters and also
assist in the voter registration of communities where the students come from. This helps in
increasing the voter turnout in elections.
b) Poll Assistance: ELCs also assist the district election administration in the conduct of
polls. This includes setting up polling booths, managing queues, and ensuring the smooth
conduct of elections.
c) Voter Awareness Campaigns: ELCs organize voter awareness campaigns to educate
students about the importance of voting, the electoral process, and the role of citizens in a
d) Promotion of Ethical Voting: ELCs promote ethical voting practices and discourage
malpractices such as vote-buying and booth-capturing.
e) Participation of Underprivileged Sections: ELCs work towards enhancing the participation
of underprivileged sections of society in the electoral process. This includes transgender,
commercial sex workers, disabled persons, senior citizens, and other marginalized groups.

Any socially relevant initiatives taken by University in electoral related issues
The university undertakes socially relevant projects related to electoral issues. These projects
include research projects, surveys, awareness drives, creating content, publications
highlighting their contribution to advancing democratic values and participation in electoral
processes, etc. These projects are aimed at increasing the knowledge and awareness of
citizens about the electoral process.