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The Court

There is an University court which is constituted as per provisions of section 22 of the U.P. State Universities Act 1973. This section reads as follows:

1.THE COURT – consists of the following members, namely:

Class I – Ex – Officio Members
I The Kuladhipati (Chancellor)
II The members of the Executive Council;
III The Finance officer;

Class II – Life Member
IV In the case of an existing University, every person who was a life member of the Court or Senate immediately before the commencement of this Act

Class III – Representative of teacher etc.
V All heads of department of the University and of constituent colleges maintained by it
VI The Deans of Faculties of Medicine and Eng., if they are not members of the Executive Council
VII Two representatives of provosts and wardens of hostels and hall of the University and of its constituent colleges and Institutes to be selected by rotation in the manner prescribed
VIII All principals of constituent colleges maintained by the State Government
IX Fifteen teachers to be selected in the manner prescribed
X Two representatives of the managements of the affiliated or associated colleges to be selected by rotation in the manner prescribed

Class IV-Registered Graduates
XI Fifteen representatives of registered graduates to be elected, by registered graduates of such standing as may be prescribed from amongst such of them as are not in the service of the University or of an institute or of a constituent college or in the service or connected with the management of affiliated college, associated college, hall or hostel

Class V-Representatives of Students
XII One student from each of the Faculties, who having secured the highest marks in the Faculty at the preceding degree examination of any University is pursuing a course of study for a Post-graduate degree or a law or a medical or engineering degree in the University (including an affiliated or associated college).

Class VI Representatives of State Legislature
XIII Two members of the Legislative Council to be elected by it
XIV Five members of the Legislative Assembly to be elected by it

2. The term of office of members of each class, except Class I, II, and V, mentioned above Shall be three years & the terms of the members of the said Class V shall be one year.

3. Powers and duties of the Court- The Court is an advisory body and subject to the provisions of this Act, it has the following powers and functions namely-

(a) To review, from time to time, the broad policies and programmes of the University
(b) To consider and pass resolution on the annual report and the annual accounts of the University and the audit report there on
(c) To advice the Chancellor in respect of any matter which may be referred to it for advice, and
(d) To perform such other duties and exercise such other functions as may be assigned to it by this Act or by the Chancellor

4. Meeting of the Court-

(a) The Court meet once a year on a date to be fixed by the Vice-Chancellor and such meeting shell be called the annual meeting of the Court.
(b) The Vice-Chancellor can, whenever he thinks fit and shall upon a requisition in writing signed by not less than one fourth of the total membership of the Court, convene a special meeting of the Court.

The election procedure for election of members for constitution of University Court has been stayed by the orders of His Excellency the Chancellor and Governor of Uttar Pradesh till further orders.