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Career Counselling And Guidance

Career Counselling and guidance is a process that helps individuals explore their interests, skills, andvalues to identify potential career paths. It provides guidance on how to make informed decisionsabout education, training, and employment opportunities. Here are some reasons why careerCounselling and guidance is important for university students:

  • Self-Discovery: Career Counselling and guidance can help you identify your strengths, interests, andvalues. By exploring these areas, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and what careersmay be a good fit for you.
  • Career Exploration: There are countless career paths out there, and it can be overwhelming to try tonavigate them all on your own. Career Counselling and guidance can help you explore differentcareer options and provide insights into what each job entails.
  • Goal-Setting: Once you have identified potential career paths, career Counselling and guidance canhelp you set goals to achieve them. This may include developing a plan for education and training,networking with professionals in your desired field, and building your resume.
  • Job Search Strategies: Career Counselling and guidance can also help you develop effective jobsearch strategies, such as identifying job openings, writing resumes and cover letters, and preparingfor interviews.

At CSJM University, we offer career Counselling and guidance services to all of our students. We alsooffer workshops and resources to help you build job search skills and connect with employers.If you are a university student and are unsure about your career path, we encourage you to reachout to our career Counselling and guidance services. By taking advantage of these resources, you cangain clarity and confidence in your career goals, and take meaningful steps towards a fulfillingfuture.


New Upgraded Software Technologies enhancement and use in current market demand in software by senior Technology lead Sri Abhilash, from Emeis Tecnologies . [Date: 05-09-2021]

Full Stack Development in Software & Emerging Technologies enhancement and use in current market demand in software by Senior Software Development lead Sri Jatinder Bahl, from Step2gen Tecnologies. [Date: 20-08-2021]

 Industry Interface Interaction Programme by Ms. Rupali Chauhan, Justdial & Abhishek Mishra from Supper AIP. [Date: 10-10-2021]

Leadership skills and interview mockdrill by Training & Placment office Mr. Saurabh Gupta from CSJM University, Kanpur [Date: 13-03-2022 ]

Workshop on Resume Making and corporate communication.  [Date: 15-04-2022]

A special talk was coordinated to present job prospects in Artificial Intelligence to students. The guest speaker, Dr. Hemlata, an Assistant Professor at Central University of Haryana, addressed the audience. Dr. Hemlata’s discussion emphasized the technological advancements of AI and the influence it holds on to the media industry. She revealed how AI was dramatically changing how media is generated, consumed, and circulated, and elucidated on different types of AI and their practical applications across various industries. Specifically, AI has many roles in the media industry that include identifying voices, crafting content, recognizing faces, and processing natural language. Around 65 students from CSJMU were enlightened by the lecture. [Date: 07-04-2022]

Upstream fermentation vial washing vial filling septic and aseptic operation counselling by Mr. Manish Mandloi from Bharat Biotech. [Date: 26-04-2022]

Placmement Orientation Program [Date: 22-07-2022]

Carrer Counselling and Motivation Lecture deliver by Sri Kumar Ratan from Property Pistol HR Team. [Date: 30-07-2022]