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The College Development Council

The College development council has been working in the University campus since 1981 and it has been duly approved by the University Grant commission. The CDC shall exercise the following powers and perform the following duties, namely.

  1. For effective development of the colleges, the College Development Council in consultation with the university or other bodies concerned may take all such steps as it may think for the promotion, coordination and raising the standard of education in colleges and it may function as a policy making body in regard to proper academic planning and integrated development of colleges.
  2. To Advise the University on all matters relating to development of affiliated colleges, such as provisions of adequate facilities – academic and physical and for raising the standard of learning, teaching and research and its periodic evaluation.
  3. To Advise the University in regard to rationalisation and implementation of the University’s policy on affiliation of colleges.
  4. To Keep close contact with the colleges with a view to helping them in their proper development, selection of teachers, student amenities, proper utilization of grants provided by UGC etc. and efficient implementation of UGC’s approved projects and reforms viz. Examination reform, Courses, COSIP, COHIP, Teacher Fellowship, Junior Research Fellowship, Restructuring of Courses to make them more relevant and significant not only to students, but also to the region as a whole.
  5. To Help colleges in formulating proposals for developmental grants from the University Grants Commission.
  6. To Encourage college teachers to make Minor and Major Research Projects and to forward them to the UGC after scrutinsing the same.
  7. To Evaluate and assess the impact of UGC grants utilised by the colleges for the implementation of various development projects.
  8. To Ensure that the UGC grants released to the colleges are properly utilised.
  9. To obtain from the colleges and furnish to the Commission the utilisation certificates and completion documents in respect of the UGC grants released.
  10. To Ensure close and continued contact and interaction between the academic facilities at the University teaching departments and at the colleges; to monitor the development programme and maintain regular statistics on the development of colleges.

Activities of the CDC:

The College Development Council besides monitoring the UGC grants to the colleges and allocating JRF, FIP and other National and Foreign Scholarships has a number of achievements to its credit, such as introduction of vocational courses at the undergraduate level in some of its affiliated colleges, submission of proposals to the UGC regarding thrust area, courses for post-graduate students, proposals for women study centre, proposal for Environmental Science, formulation of academic and examination calendar and initiation of a number of academic and teacher-welfare activities.