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Triveni Girls Hostel
About Hostel
The hostel named ‘Triveni’ after the Sangam of Ganga, Yamuna and Sarswati River and is located within the premises of the campus of CSJM University. This hostel has a total capacity of 110 seats. The rooms are quite airy and cross ventilated.Following facilities are included in Triveni girls’ hostel:
  • 24×7 electricity supply
  • 24×7 water supply hot water facility in winter
  • 24×7 medical & ambulance facility
  • Cooler facility
  • Yoga
  • Sports facilities like badminton basketball and table tennis, chess, Ludo, carom
  • Water purifier
  • Induction cookware
  • Incineration device and vending machine for sanitary pads
  • Rooms with attached and nonattached washrooms, bed, table, chair, and Almira’s
  • For student’s multiple culture activities and competition being held from time to time
  • Common room
  • Social awareness programs and activities for health hygiene and education.

Office Bearers
Dr Anuradha Kalani
(Chief Warden)
Dr Mamta Tiwari
(Asst. Chief Warden)
Dr Vinod k Verma
(Asst. Chief Warden)
Dr. Pushpa Memoria
Ar. Neha Mishra

Hostel Activities
  • Regular food quality check by the Mess Secretaries.
  • Anti-Ragging Committee visits.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in the Hostel.
  • Regular health checkup camps for the Hostel residents.
  • Celebration of all the National festivals.
  • Regular counselling sessions for the Hostel residents.
  • Active Participation in the University Sports’ activities.
  • Beautification of the Hostel premises and it’s maintenance by the Hostel residents themselves.
  • Celebration of various events like fresher’s party, farewell and Welcome parties, Jagran and some more events.
Important Contacts
Dean Student Welfare 9335384011
Chief Procter 8318250318
Chief Warden 8081223350
Chief Security Officer 7007026724
Ambulance 101
Estate Officer (Maintenance) 7275224648
Major Electricity Problem 9369601460
Minor Electricity Problem 9935015508
Water Problem 9415725556
Mess Related Issues 8081223350
Caretaker of Girls’ Hostels 6307381514
Caretaker of Boys’ Hostels 9453155828