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Shivaji Boys Hostel
About Hostel
Shiva ji boys hostel was established in 2005 by the then vice chancellor of the University Prof. S.S. Katiyar. This hostel is named after the greatest Maratha Emperor Chhatrapati shiva ji Maharaj. This hostel accommodates 396 boy students. As part of its commitment to providing quality facilities, this hostel offers the following service:
  • Modernized kitchen with appliances
  • Provided good mess facility with routinely revised menu
  • Hot water facility during winters
  • Sports facility that includes equipment such as volleyball, basketball., badminton rackets, table-tennis, cricket kit etc.
  • Guard, cleaners, and cricketers are available round-the-clock
  • Student secretariat for different activities of hostels as culture, mess, discipline, and sports.
  • Anti-ragging cell that comprised of warders and students
  • Daily newspaper in Hindi and English
  • Ambulance service for 24 hour
  • Residents have access to several on-campus facilities, including yoga classes, karate, gym, swimming, library and health center
  • First aid facility in hostel
  • Career guidance and counselling session that operate routinely in hostel
  • Wi-Fi facility is available
  • Shiva ji hostel is committed to providing home-like shelter to student and involve with executing creative activities

Office Bearers
Dr Anuradha Kalani
(Chief Warden)
Dr Mamta Tiwari
(Asst. Chief Warden)
Dr Vinod k Verma
(Asst. Chief Warden)
Dr. Rabins Porwal
Dr. Ramendra Singh Niranjan

Hostel Activities
  • Regular food quality check by the Mess Secretaries.
  • Anti-Ragging Committee visits.
  • Maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in the Hostel.
  • Regular health checkup camps for the Hostel residents.
  • Celebration of all the National festivals.
  • Regular counselling sessions for the Hostel residents.
  • Active Participation in the University Sports’ activities.
  • Beautification of the Hostel premises and it’s maintenance by the Hostel residents themselves.
  • Celebration of various events like fresher’s party, farewell and Welcome parties, Jagran and some more events.
Important Contacts
Dean Student Welfare 9335384011
Chief Procter 8318250318
Chief Warden 8081223350
Chief Security Officer 7007026724
Ambulance 101
Estate Officer (Maintenance) 7275224648
Major Electricity Problem 9369601460
Minor Electricity Problem 9935015508
Water Problem 9415725556
Mess Related Issues 8081223350
Caretaker of Girls’ Hostels 6307381514
Caretaker of Boys’ Hostels 9453155828