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Orientation and Student Induction Program for the First Year B. Tech students

An Orientation and Student Induction Program was organized at UIET from the 25th to 30th November 2021. The new B. Tech students were welcomed to the Institute and introduced to their respective Heads of Department and Conveners of Committees. The Chairman of Academic Performance Evaluation Committee (APEC) made of the students aware of the academic rules of the Institute. This was followed by the Student Induction Program carried out by the UHV Cell. The Student Induction Program is a mandatory activity of AICTE. During this program the students were made familiar with their new environment, the norms, practices, ethos and culture of their new institution, they were encouraged to set up a healthy daily routine though discussions and activities. They were exposed to a holistic vision of life based on larger national and human good and were encouraged to develop bonds between their new batch-mates and teachers.