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National Service Scheme (NSS) is a central scheme run by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The objective of which is to provide opportunities to all young students whether they are +2 board level student, technical institute, graduate and post graduate or university student to participate in community service activities and programs. The sole objective of the National Service Scheme is to provide young students with experience in giving community service. Youth play a huge role in the building of a nation.

Today, about 65 percent of the population in the country is youth. In view of this, it is a matter of good fortune for the country that all-round development of the country can happen together. The students participating in its activities work with the people of the society for the benefit of the society. Literacy related work, environmental protection, health and sanitation, assistance to the people suffering during emergency or natural calamity etc. By being engaged in social work from student life, the qualities of social service or national service are developed in them. At present, 4 units of National Service Scheme are functioning in the university campus and about 75 units are working in various colleges, volunteers and students of National Service Scheme participate in social work continuously, during the transition of Covid-19, various social works like Work like distribution of masks, prevention of infection of Covid-19 and awareness campaigns for vaccination are being organized continuously.