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Central Instrumentation

Central Instrumentation Facility-I (CIF-I) is been established and inaugurated on 17th September, 2020 by the Honrable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Neelima Gupta, and Honrable Vice Chancellor, Central University, Gujarat, Prof. R.S. Dubey.

CIF-I is established to promote science and research activities in different departments of the University as well as its affiliated colleges. It will provide facilities for all users under one roof.

This facility has laboratories and equipment’s for:

  • Preparative Zone Electronic balance pH meter Magnetic stirrer Refrigerated Centrifuges Water bath Horizontal gel electrophoresis with power supply Vertical gel electrophoresis Microwave oven UV-transilluminator UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  • Refrigerated Storage Facility Deep freezer (-80degC)-2Nos Deep freezer (-40degC)-1 Refrigerator -1
  • Animal Cell Culture Facility CO2 incubators with cylinders Laminar hood
  • Microscopic Facility Compound microscope with camera Phase contrast microscope with camera Dissecting microscope Computer system for microscopes
  • Microbial Culture Facility Laminar hood Incubator shaker Incubator
  • Molecular/Analytical facility ELISA reader and washer (Biorad) IPG strip IEF system (Biorad) IPG strip system IEF (Axygen) Gel documentation system (biorad) UV-Visible spectrophotometer (Shimadzu)
  • Advance Molecular Facility Real-Time PCR machine (Biorad) PCR machine
  • Washing area