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Business Lab

Business Lab basically serve the purpose of providing financial advice not for the aim of earning profit but in General Public Interest it was established in CSJMU in 2020. Theoretical knowledge is not sufficient when its applicability is not known and hence it is imperative to set up a Business Lab. Students pursuing Finance have zeal and enthusiasm to provide financial services. Business Labs thus serve the two-fold purpose, the first that they provide free financial services to economically weaker people and second, they direct the energies of the students of Finance in contributing to the society. These students are headed by their teachers. The members of the Business Lab are engaged in spreading financial awareness in industries and solving problems that are faced by general public. The target population is made aware of the different finance service programs and Business Lab guides them to avail these facilities. One of the avowed objectives of the Business Lab of University is to promote financial education. In pursuance of the same, the Business Lab offers financial services by the faculty and the students.