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Machine Learning Workshop

Welcome to AICTE-ISTE sponsored Induction/Orientation program
on Machine Learning
(Conducted by Department of Information Technology, UIET, CSJM University)

Patron: Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak
Vice Chancellor
CSJMU, Kanpur

Our World is moving from a man to man interaction world to a man to machine interaction world. Our machines are taught to replicate and if possible improve human interpretative skills. Associations and causations are getting identified by machines in the emerging world of unsupervised learning. When Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is redefining the world, we as technologists need to keep abreast with the changing world and we at UIET, CSJM University are proud to host a Refresher program on “Machine Learning”

Multi-level interactive learning, cross-pollination of ideations, wide networking possibilities will be an output of this program.

Dr. Brishti Mitra
UIET, Kanpur

University Institute of Engineering and Technology (UIET), Kanpur welcomes you to a 6 days workshop on ‘Machine Learning’. The workshop will provide an opportunity for teachers to familiarize themselves with ‘Machine Learning’ concepts. The program will be conducted in online mode. There will be speakers from reputed institutions. The salient details can be seen below. If you want to take part in workshop, you can register below.

Dr. Rashi Agarwal
Head (IT Dept.)
Program Coordinator


The AICTE-ISTE Refresher Programmes are essential for teachers in technical institutions for their professional refinement. The other aims for the conduct of these programmes are:

  • Updating knowledge and improving organizational and pedagogical skills of teachers.
  • To update the knowledge providing an opportunity for interaction and mutual exchange of ideas between teachers interested and/or working in particular areas of specialization.
  • Providing an opportunity for teachers to familiarize themselves with modern engineering practices, including the latest technological advances adopted by industry by interacting with industry experts keeping in view the national needs and priorities and relevant technologies.
  • Opening up before teacher’s new vistas in technology at the frontier of knowledge and the challenges and opportunities ahead which provide to the dedicated and hard working.

Prominent Speakers

Prof. Rajiv Misra
IIT, Patna
Prof MK Dutta
Director, Center of Advance Studies, AKTU
Prof. Surya Prakash
IIT Indore
Prof. Debi Acharya
Dr Anukriti Bansal
Er. Hemant Kumar
Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey
IIIT Allahabad
Dr. Rashi Agarwal
CSJMU, Kanpur
Prof. Balbantaray
IIIT Bhubaneshwar
Dr. Vikas Bajpai
Dr. M. Srinivas
Asst. Professor Department of CSE NIT, Warangal
Dr Satyam Srivastava
Senior Scientist, CSIR Ceeri Pilani
Achal agarwal (IITD, IIMA)
Director, AI and Data Science, Nagarro
Dr. Anand Handa

Essential Details

Duration of programme :The duration of the programme is 6 days i.e. 18/02/2022 to 24/02/2022
Cost :Free of cost (ISTE membership or AICTE accreditation is essential)
Essential points for Faculty to get certificate:a) Random test on daily basis will be carried out with minimum 5 objective /multiple choice questions on the topic covered for the day. Five such tests except last day will be conducted and for certification participant has to qualify in minimum 3 out of 5 with 60%.
b) Participant must have minimum 80% attendance for the session.
c) Minimum 60% or more in final assessment test which will be objective type with minimum 50 questions on all topics covered in session with uniform distribution over topics.

Tentative Schedule

DaysSession 1 10-11:30 AMSession 2 12-1:30 PMSession 3 3-4:30 PM4:30 – 5:00 PM 
18/02/2022InaugralIntroduction to ML
(Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Statistical Decision Theory, Bias – Variance)
(Dr. Vikas Bajpai, LNMIIT Jaipur)
NEP Session
(Prof .Raghuraj Singh, HBTU Kanpur)
19/02/2022Applications of AI in Industry
(Achal Agarwal, IITD, IIMA)
SVM with lab in Python
(Dr. Anand Handa, IITK)
Evaluation and Evaluation Measures, 2 Class Evaluation Measures,The ROC Curve
(Prof. Surya Prakash,
IIt Indore)
20/02/2022ANN with lab in Python
(Dr Anukriti Bansal)
Unsupervised Learning
(Dr. M. Srinivas)
Bayesian Classification
(Prof. Debi Acharya, VIT)
21/02/2022Introduction to Deep Learning and Tensor Flow
(Prof. Rajiv Mishra, IITP)
CNN with lab
(Dr. Rashi Agarwal)
Applications of AI in agriculture
(Dr Satyam Srivastava)
22/02/2022Applications of AI in biology and medicine
(Prof MK Dutta
Director, Center of Advance Studies, AKTU) 
NLP using Deep Learning
(Dr. Rakesh  Balbantaray, IIITB)
Handling Imbalanced Dataset Problem
(Er. Hemant Kumar)
23/02/2022GAN with lab
(Dr. Shiv Ram Dubey, IIIT Allahabad)
Yoga session
(Dr. Mamta Dwivedi Pandey, Yoga And Wellness Consultant)
Valedictory session 4:30- 6:00 PM FINAL TEST