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Shilpi Kukreja
PhD Psychology
Assistant Professor, Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension
Bio Sketch/About
I did my Masters and PhD from Delhi University. My interest lies in psychology of mental health. In recent times, there has been a growing awareness across social sciences about the socio-cultural roots of mental health processes. Hence, mental health now comes to be understood as influenced by social, cultural, political and economic forces acting upon an individual or community. At the same time, research in the area demands an understanding of alternative approaches (such as social constructionist, feminist and critical approaches) as well as alternative methodologies of interpretivist nature. In my research on the process of creative writing and its relation to socio-culturally situated mental health among contemporary Indian writers, I used interpretive methodology of Life story research and Constructivist Grounded Theory (CGT) as method of analysis. Through my work on the creative process, I found how creative writing becomes a space for greater integration and coherence within the writer’s self, as well as a greater compassionate connect with humanity on the outside.