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Dr. Akhilendra Pratap Bharati
Assistant Professor, Department Of Life Sciences And Biotechnology
Research Interest : Molecular Biology, Epigenetics & Transcription Regulation
Bio Sketch/About
Dr. Akhilendra Pratap Bharati started his career as a graduate student from one of the prestigious University of India i.e. Banaras Hindu University. He did his graduation from the Department of Botany, in Botany (Hons). After that he went to IIT Roorkee for the post-graduation in Biotechnology. He worked there on the optimization of chitosan extraction from different fungus strains and preparation, characterization of the chitosan nanoparticle. After the post-graduation he moved to CSIR-CDRI, Lucknow for the doctoral work. He worked there on identification and characterization of the RNA polymerase II CTD (carboxy terminal domain) associated proteins using proteomics technologies and nanoLC/MS. He, first time reported that the mRNA capping enzyme of Saccharomycese cerevisiae which has dual specificity to interact with the RNA polymerase II CTD. After PhD, he worked in the chromosomal segregation lab at IIT Bombay as a NPDF. During postdoc, he worked on a project sponsored by SERB-DST. He worked there on the proteins responsible for plasmid and chromosome segregation in mitosis as well as in meiosis. Furthermore, he also worked with the ICAR-NBAIM on a networking project MGRR (Microbial genetics resource repository) which is a resource repository of agriculturally important microorganism.