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Webinar on “Manufacturing Process of Ammonia”

A webinar was organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering for the Fourth year Chemical Engineering students on 2nd September 2022. The webinar was delivered by Er. Pradeep Tiwari, Technical Service Manager, Oman Methanol Company LLC, on Manufacturing Process of Ammonia.  The webinar was scheduled between 10:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M. through the Google meet platform (Google Meet link:

Mr. Tiwari with 26+ years experience in Fertilizers, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas discussed the followed during the webinar –

  • Introduction – feed of process, Hyber process
  • Ammonia production and synthesis
  • Desulphurization – where sulphur compounds are hydrogenated by preheating and using cobalt molybdenum catalyst and then adsorbed on zinc oxide.
  • Primary reforming- Steam reforming; high Ni-Cr alloy tubes filled with reforming catalyst.
  • Secondary reforming
  • Shift conversion, Methanation  and Carbon dioxide removal

About 33 students of 4th year from Department of Chemical Engineering, UIET attended the webinar along with the faculty member- Dr. Vinay Kumar Sachan.