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Celebration of 55th Engineers Day

Engineers Day was celebrated at UIET on 15th September 2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sri M. Vishveshwaraya, the renowned Civil Engineer from India.

On this occasion, a talk was delivered by Prof. Avinash Agarwal from Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur on “Future Prospects of Internal Combustion Engines in a Green and Environment Friendly Methanol Economy”. Prof Agarwal appraised the audience with the current energy scenario in India and the world and the challenges faced by IC engines in various sectors such as automotive, locomotive, and marine. He then discussed how methanol was a possible alternate fuel and had the potential to be used as a replacement for gasoline, since it has very high-octane number. He also informed the audience about the methods of methanol production from different carbon feedstocks and the current challenges in using methanol for compression ignition engines. The talk was attended by more than 100 faculty members and students of UIET.

A quiz was also organized on this occasion for engineering students of UIET. More than 200 students participated in this quiz and won prizes.