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Department Of Humanity And Social Sciences

About the department:

Over the years, it has been realized that a healthy balance between scientific skill and  human understanding is very important even for engineering students. The teaching of  humanities and social sciences (HSS) has been stressed for the overall development of the  students of technology. Students are exposed to different areas of study and thus enrich  their horizon of knowledge. This exposure enables them to face challenges and perform  their respective roles in life smoothly.

Right from the very beginning, the HSS Department in UIET has been offering core courses  in English, Industrial Economics and Industrial Management. The purpose of these courses is  to give overall views of these subjects as much is necessary for the engineering students.  English courses are designed in such a way so that students can present themselves  correctly and articulately in front of others. English is taught in the first semester while  courses in economics and management are offered in the second and fourth semester. The  study of economic trends helps the students to share their views in the context of both  Indian and global economy. Industrial Management course is designed to train the students  to be competent managers with respect to engineering problems. In a nutshell, these courses have been instrumental to the intellectual and social development of the UIET  students.

Major recent achievements:

  • Dr Richa Verma: Associate Editor, Journal of Literature, Culture and Media Studies (ISSN- 0974-7192)
  • Dr Niyati Padhi: Resource Person, National webinar on “Covid 19 Indian Economy and Employment with reference to circular migration”
  • Papers and conference presentations by HSS faculty members
  • Participation in AICTE-approved short courses and FDPs
  • Submission of PhD thesis by Ms Deepti Agarwal
Sr No.FacultyPhoto
1Dr Richa Verma, Head, HSS, UIET
PhD (Dr HS Gour University, 1999)
Teaching experience: 17 years
Area: American Poetry
2Dr Niyati Padhi 
PhD (JNU, 2002)
Teaching experience: 15 years  
Area: Developmental Economics
3Dr Vineeta Kulshreshtha 
PhD (HNB Garhwal University) Teaching experience: 8 years Area: Labour Economics
4Ms Deepti Agarwal 
PhD submitted
Teaching experience: 6 years Area: Linguistics & Language
5Mr Beenoo Singh 
PhD pursuing
Teaching experience: 5 years Area: Industrial Management