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Workshop : Understanding Research Methodology: Paradigms, Practices & Processes

The Department of Education, School of Teacher Education, and Research & Development Cell CSJM University Kanpur UP will jointly organize this workshop.

Idea and Genesis of the Workshop

 Research plays the role of both the foundation of higher education and building the future of higher education, and in this order, the role of the researcher, teacher, and the University is important. On one hand, the teacher provides his expertise and the researcher his ability and skills, on the other hand, the university provides all the facilities from which the researchers and teachers can benefit and contribute to this continuous journey of knowledge. In this contribution, the sacrifice of the hard work of researchers is very important. The most important component of these sacrifices is understanding, following, and implementing the research process. The first step of which is to develop an understanding of the research process.

Keeping in mind the need, significance and importance of the research and its process, paradigms and practices, The Department of Education and University Research & Development Cell of Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur Uttar Pradesh is going to organize a ‘Ten Days Workshop’ on above-mentioned concern. 

Learning Objectives of this Workshop

The major learning objectives of this workshop are as follows-

  1. To introduce the new paradigms, practices, and processes of Research
  2. To develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the research process
  3. To support participants in enhancing and enriching their research skills and abilities 
  4. To promote quality research work in its various dimensions
  5. To provide hands-on-experience of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)
  6. To elaborate on various advanced research methodological practices and process
  7. To simplify various complex terms and terminologies related to the process of research