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Physics Laboratories and Infrastructure

•The laboratory based courses are supported by modern well equipped labs:

•* Mechanical Lab

•*Optics Lab

•* Electricity-Magnetism Lab

The department has well equipped laboratories which include Mechanical Lab, Electricity & Magnetism Lab and dark room facilities for conducting experiments based on optics. The Physics Labs are designed in accordance with the theory which are offered in B.Sc., M.Sc. and B.Tech. Courses. These laboratory based courses are supported by state of the art experimental workbenches. The faculty members aim to train the students with proper exposure to both theoretical and experimental aspects of the subject.

There are experiments based on mechanics such as motions of rigid bodies, moment of inertia, small oscillations, projectile motions etc. Graphical and error analysis of various experimental data are also taught. Many experiments are based on optics and electromagnetism. The theory related to these experiments of optics and electromagnetism are taught through the lectures first. The experiments of optics are performed in the dark room of the Physics Lab. Here the students for the first time get the thrill of observing phenomena like interference, diffraction, dispersion, electricity and magnetism.