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Visit to Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre at Kannauj by few Fourth Year students of Chemical Engineering, UIET

Department of Chemical Engineering, UIET

A few students of Final Year Chemical Engineering and Dr. V. K. Sachan, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UIET were a part of a group of representatives of CSJM university who visited the

Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre (FFDC) on Friday 22 November 2021. The team from CSJMU visited two main sections of FFDC. The first was the herbal garden, where different types of plants such as Sandel wood, Lemon, Rose etc are grown from which fragrance and flavours are extracted.  

The second section housed the process units where the extraction from plants and processing steps to convert them to ittr and other fragrances are carried out. Main highlights were Batch Distillation units, Bhabka Beg (original process of Ittr making in Kannauj) and its modification, highly advanced spectroscopes in the laboratory for quality control.