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Refresher Course in Experimental Physics

Department of Physics, UIET

A Refresher Course in Experimental Physics was conducted from November 8-23, 2021 at by Department of Physics, UIET, CSJM University as a part of MoU between Indian Academy of Sciences, Bengaluru and Chhatrapati Shahu ji Maharaj University. 32 participants from different states comprising of teachers, research scholars and graduate students took part in this course. The first four days were allotted to the lectures by the resource persons on experiments to all the participants. In the rest of the days, a special lecture/presentation/discussion session was followed by performing of two sets of experiments and computer based analysis of the experimental data by each pair of participants on rotation. All the participants of the course performed 22 experiments in the area of thermal physics, mechanics, electricity and magnetism, semiconductor physics and electronics using the low cost kit developed by the academy. The resource persons included Dr. MD Sharma, Punjab University Chandigarh, Dr. R. K. Dwivedi and Dr. S. P. Singh from Christ Church College, Kanpur, Dr. Satish Chandra and Dr. DK Pandey from PPN College, Kanpur and Dr. Vishal Awasthi from CSJMU, Kanpur. Special lectures by Prof. Satyajeet Banerjee, IIT Kanpur, Prof. Amit Agarwal, IIT Kanpur and Dr. Prabhat Dwivedi, IIT, Kanpur were organized.