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M.A. in Jyotirvigyan

1. Applicability

These regulations shall apply to the Master in Jyotirvigyan programme from the session 2022-23.

2. Minimum Eligibility for admission

A three/four-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent any graduate degree awarded by a University or Institute established as per law and recognised as equivalent by this University shall constitute the minimum requirement for admission to the Master in Jyotirvigyan programme.

3.  Programme Objectives

Jyotirvigyan is a scientific knowledge of the ancient India and there is an urgent need to rejuvenate this science in society to allow this scientific knowledge of Astrology to reach to the society at large and to provide opportunities to get this important knowledge exported to the entire world. The programme aims to equip students to get ancient vedic astronomical and astrological facts in modern and scientific aspect.

About the degree

  • Degree-Degree means Post Graduate Degree.
  • Title of degree-The title of degree shall be  ‘Master of Jyotirvigyan’
  • Duration of Programme- Duration of the Master of Jyotirvigyan course
  • shall be of two year academic years consisting of 1st  Semester & 2nd Semester in the First year and 3rd  & 4th Semester in Second year.