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Infrastructure FAQ

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  1. Enclose the master plan of the University campus indicating the existing buildings and the projected expansion in the future.
    See annexure – 27 the Master Plan has been binded at the end of the report.
  2. How does the institution plan to meet the need for augmenting the infrastructure to keep pace with academic growth?
    University generates the resources on its own to meet the needs for augmenting the infrastructure to keep pace with academic growth in the following way :
    (a) The University conducts the exams of about 1.5 lakhs Private candidates and earns about Rs. 20,00,00,000/- every year. A large amount of money is spent for augmenting the infrastructure.
    (b) The laboratory fee has been revised to ensure that adequate resources remain available for generating facilities in the labs.
    (c) The University also spends a part of the fees obtained through self-financing scheme in developing infrastructure, etc.
    (d) Resources are also generated through fees from affiliation, enrolment, examinations etc.
  3. How does the institution ensure maintenance of its infrastructure?
    To ensure the maintenance of the infrastructure the University generates the funds by its own resources. The University has University Works Department (UWD) for general maintenance which has the following units –
    (a) Electrical Maintenance
    (b) Civil Maintenance
    (c) Water works.
    (d) Sanitation
    (e) Horticulture
    (f) Security
    All these units work in coordination with each other under the supervision of the State Officer, University Engineers and Care taker. Most of the maintenance work is done on contract basis.

    The laboratories are maintained by the technical staff and the central workshop is managed by a senior foreman. Computer Center is managed by the System Manager, while the Central Library is managed by the University Librarian. Health Centrex is looked after by qualified doctors. Sports Stadium, including indoor is managed by the qualified Sports Officers and Physical Education Department.
  4. How does the institution ensure optimum use of its infrastructure facilities?
    The University utilizes the infrastructure facilities through following different activities :
    (a) Through teaching-learning activities
    (b) Through academic meetings, i.e. meeting of RDC, Board of Studies, Academic Council meetings, Open Ph.D. viva, Seminars, Symposia, Workshops, etc.
    (c) Lecture Hall Complex is utilized shift-wise by holding classes of different disciplines.
    (d) Senat Hall is utilized for conferences, seminars, counseling of students etc.
    (e) Multipurpose complex is utilized for arranging meetings, extra curricular activities, cultural activities, youth festival, etc.
    (f) The central evaluation building is utilized throughout the year for evaluation purposes as most of the departments have semester system exams.
    (g) Central Library nis utilized by thousands of students from 8 am to 8 pm. During exam. periods the Library is kept open till 12 mid night.
    Thus almost all the complexes and lecture theatres are busy from 8 a.m. morning till late evening (9 pm).

5. Give the following details of the library:

Advisory CommitteeYes
Inter-library exchange Yes
Book bank facilityYes
Computerization of the library servicesYes
Books in the library65,650
Journals subscribed:National      98 International      32
Ratio of library books to number of students enrolled16:1

Give the number of books/journals/ periodicals that have been added to the central library during the last two years and their cost.

Sr. No. The year before last The year before
  Number Total cost   Number Total cost 
i. Text books 3147 35,00,000 2967 32,00,000
ii. Other books 500 3,00,000 300 2,00,000
iii. Journals/ periodicals 12 70,600 60 4,26,500
   Any others        
iv. Magazines 10 14,000 15 20,000
v. Daily Newspapers 16 12,000 16 12,000

Does the library provide the following facilities to the students?

Reprographics facilitiesYes
Computers Yes
Audio & video cassettesYes