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Dronacharya – Center for Online and Distance Education (D-CODE) at CSJM University, Kanpur is proposed to work towards serving the educational needs of Kanpur and beyond. Inspired by the legendary teacher Dronacharya, who imparted knowledge without discrimination, D-CODE@CSJMU will strive to democratize access to education. The centre will be committed to provide high-quality, accessible education through innovative distance learning methods. 


To achieve this mission, D-CODE has established the following key objectives:

  1. To democratize access to knowledge and empower a globally connected generation of leaders and change agents, driving positive societal transformation through flexible and inclusive distance learning.
  2. To deliver transformative, globally recognized academic programs through innovative and engaging distance learning methods.
  3. To foster a vibrant online learning community that celebrates diversity and promotes collaboration. 
  4. Develop and implement innovative distance learning methodologies that are engaging and effective.
  5. Create a strong sense of community and belonging among distance learners.
  6. Develop strategic partnerships with other institutions to expand access to online learning opportunities. 
  7. Promote the value and benefits of distance learning to a global audience.
  8. To invest in cutting-edge technologies that enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of distance learning.
  9. To champion institutional distinctiveness by developing unique distance learning specializations and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.