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CV Raman Call for Project

C.V. Raman Minor Research Project- Phase II


The objective of the C.V. Raman minor Research Projects Scheme (CVRPS) is to provide financial assistance to create and update the general research capabilities of the faculty members of the various Institutes affiliated with Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University Kanpur (CSJMU). The proposal should include a specific project title with a clear statement of the objectives, details of equipment and other research facilities proposed to be acquired, and the expected deliverables from the project.


1) The Project Proposal should have a Brief Title not exceeding two lines to indicate its subject & aim. The proposed research work’s introduction must cover the Origin of Research Problem, Interdisciplinary Relevance, and Review of Research & Development in the subject.

2) Provide comprehensive background information about the project.

3) Review the published work in the area with appropriate references from National or International journals. Cite the significant references most pertinent to the subject and justification to carry out the work in the light of the background information.

4) The rationale behind carrying out the project should be written as the justification for carrying out the proposed research. It should logically explain the reasons for carrying out the research work and explain how it will further add to our knowledge in the respective field or result in further application.
5) Research work should not be repetitive or similar work done earlier either by the investigator or another person.

6) Briefly describe the proposed Plan of Work. Describe in general the Techniques to be used.

7) Give Details of Infrastructural Facilities like Water & Electricity, Laboratory Space, Equipment, Library, Administrative and Secretarial support, ICT Facilities, Computation, Documentation Facilities, etc.

8) Give details of the facilities available in the laboratory/ organization to carry out the research work. Give details of Special Laboratory Facilities and any other such facility (please specify)

9) List the facilities that will be extended to the investigator by the implementing Institution with details of available equipment and accessories to be utilized for the projects ( Name of Equipment, Model and Make); mention whether it is available with the investigator or available in the Department or available elsewhere in the Institution or in the region with Collaborating Institutions.

10) If facilities from some other laboratories are to be used, mention the type of facilities and the name of the Collaborating Institution where these will be available.

11) The investigator should write a brief conclusion of the project stating how completion of the project will enhance the understanding of the concerned subject and whether it will lead to any applications in the future.

12) Mention collaborations (Research institution/Industry) if intended.


a) The Host Institution must be an affiliated/constituent Institute of the University and should preferably be NAAC accredited.

b) The investigators should be full-time regular faculty with research experience and quality publications.

c) The preliminary research facilities should be available in the institute.

d) Maximum one proposal per institute per year, including sanctioned but not completed, would be considered for financial support. However, this condition may be relaxed for the constituent institutions of CSJMU.

e) One proposal from one PI (Principal Investigator) will be sanctioned at any time within the duration of the project.

Duration of Project

The duration of the project will be one year from the date of receipt of the first installment of funds in the institute’s account.

Limit of funding

a) Maximum limit of the fund is 1 Lakh per Project.

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