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Alumni Association


The purpose of Alumni Association is to establish, promote and strengthen the bond of friendship amongst the alumni of the institute. The association contributes to further mutually beneficial relations between the institute and its alumni. It makes an effort to contribute positively towards the growth and advancement of our alma mater. It consists of individuals committed to promoting the welfare and interest of the institute.


Its mission is to provide comprehensive social and professional program opportunities as well as service to alumni, students, and faculty of UIET.

Aims and Objectives

i) To fostezr a spirit of brotherhood and comradeship amongst the alumni of the Institute.
ii) To arrange and collect funds for the development of the Institute.
iii)To arrange social and cultural functions.
iv) To further the interests of the UIET in particular and CSJM University, Kanpur, in general.
v) To provide a forum for the alumni of the University for the exchange of ideas and views on educational, cultural, social and academic problems of the day.
vi) To publish literature, papers and journals for the fulfillment of the objectives of the Association.


i) Regular Membership: All graduated students of UIET shall be members of the Association.
ii) Honorary Membership: Any person other than the regular members who subscribe to the purpose of the Association and are duly elected by the majority votes of the executive committee shall be member of the Association.

Rights and Privileges of Members

All members of the Association may
i) Vote to elect officers of the Executive Committee.
ii) Serve as officers of the Association.
iii) Serve on any committee of the Association.