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Department Of Physics

About Department

  • Physics Department was formed in 1996 when UIET started.
  • Department is housed in the Ist floor of the Academic Building (AB -building) and B. Tech. laboratories are situated at the ground floor of the Electronics & Communication Engineering building of UIET.
  • The department has four accomplished, motivated and dedicated faculty members with credible expertise in various research areas such as High Energy Particle Physics, Optoelectronics and Fibre Optics, Solid State Physics and Amorphous Semiconductor Physics.
  • The department also has two assisting staff members for the laboratory.
  • The department has well equipped laboratories which include mechanical Lab, Electricity- Magnetism Lab and a dark room facilities for conducting experiments based on optics.

Courses Offered

The physics department offers the following core courses:

  • PHY-S101 (Theory), PHY-S101P (Lab) in the 1st  semester
  • PHY-S102(Theory), PHY-S102P (Lab) in the 2nd  semester for the B.Tech. first year students of all six branches. 

Faculty Profile

Sr NoFacultyPhotograph
1Dr. Anju Dixit 
Assistant Professor 
 Ph.D (University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, USA)
Specialization: Electronics

Area of Research : Condensed Matter Physics
2Dr. Saswati Sarkar
Assistant Professor
Ph. D. (Visva Bharti University )
Specialization: Particle Physics
Area of Research: Elementary Particle Physics
3Dr. Ram Janma
Assistant Professor
Ph. D. (RGNF, JRF & SRF)
Specialization: Solid State Physics
Area of Research: Fiber Optics Communication & Optical Waveguide
4Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh
Assistant Professor
Specialization: Solid State Physics
Area of Research: Optical properties of layered media & Photonic Crystals
5Dr. Shikha Shukla
Assistant Professor
Ph. D. (CSJM University, Kanpur)
Specialization: Electronics
Area of Research: Amorphous Semiconductors
6Dr. Ritika Solanki 
Assistant Professor 

Specialization: Electronics 
Area of Research: Solar Astrophysics 
7Dr.Avanish Kumar Bajpeyi
Assistant Professor, NET, CSIR
Ph.D. (Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology, Amethi
Specialization: Electronics
Area of Research: Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics

Technical Attendant

  1. Puneet Mahrotra
    M.Sc. (Physics)
  2. Jitendra Kumar Rajpoot
    M.Sc. (Physics)


1. PHYSICS –101 LAB :

The PHY-S101 Lab. is designed in accordance with the theory of PHY-S101 (PHYSICS – I) course. The experiments are mostly based on mechanics such as motions of rigid bodies, moment of inertia, small oscillations, projectiles motions etc. Graphical and error analysis of various experimental data are also taught in the Lab. Classes.

2. PHYSICS –102 LAB:

In the PHY-S102 Lab. is designed with experiments mostly based on optics and electromagnetism. The theory related to these experiments of optics and electromagnetism are taught in the lectures of PHY-S102 (PHYSICS – II). The experiments of optics are performed in the dark room of physics Lab. Here the students for the first time get the thrill of observing the phenomenon like interference, diffraction, dispersion, electricity and magnetism.


Well equipped with modern computational facilities for theoretical computational physics MPH-102.