The Finance Officer

The Finance Officer of the University is appointed by the state Government by a notification published in the Official Gazette and his remuneration and allowances are paid by the University. The Finance Officer is responsible for presenting the budget (annual estimates) and the statement of accounts to the Executive Council and also for drawing and disbursing funds on behalf of the University. He has the right to speak in and or otherwise to take part in the proceedings of the Executive Council but he is not entitled to vote. The Finance-Officer has the duty-

  1. To ensure that no expenditure not authorised in the budget, is incurred by the University (otherwise than by way of investment);
  2. To disallow any proposed expenditure which may contravene the provision of this Act or the terms of any Statues or Ordinances;
  3. To ensure that no other financial irregularity is committed and to take steps to set right any irregularities pointed out during audit.
  4. To ensure that the property and investments of the University are duly preserved and managed.

The Finance Officer has access to and may require the production of such records and documents of the University and the furnishing of such information pertaining to its affairs as in his opinion may be necessary for the discharge of his duties.

All contracts are entered into and signed by the Finance Officer on behalf of the University.